Restraining Cable Design

Intended for new house builders wanting extra protection against high speed winds and tornados.

This oak tree root inspired restraining cable is burried up to 50 feet underground and anchored in concrete. The cable, made from high strength titanium, snakes up through and attaches to a buildings load bearing walls.

Prototype Model

This model uses common household items to simulate the design.

  • Cardboard - Soil & Steel Clamps
  • Styrofoam - Concrete Anchors
  • Craft Wire - Titanium Cables
  • Wood - Building Walls
1. cables attached to concrete anchor underground
2. looking up from concrete anchor
3. cables route from anchor through building walls
4. cables connect to building walls with steel clamps


Actual Design Materials

In an actual construction using this design, concrete would be used for the underground anchors, titanium cables would connect the anchors and to the building structure with stainless steel clamps.

White Oak

Quercus Alba

This tree is an amazing organism and can be found living from Mediterranean Semi-Deserts to Subtropical Rainforests. Its "diet" consists of water and carbon-dioxide. The White Oak has a nice blend of thick, long and deep roots.

It is these root structures that make this organism the "champion" for problem.

Woodcut image showing a White Oak's Root Structure

The Connection between Design and Organism

Looking to nature for help designing better buildings

Houses are being swept away by extreme winds and tornadoes every time a storm ripps through a town. When high speed winds hit a town building walls fall apart and house structures get blown away.

The solution I'm making needs to keep the essential parts of the house intact so that the reconstruction is minimalized after a major storm.

My strategy uses a restraining cable modeled after the White Oak's thick, dense, and long roots to help keep a building's load bearing walls intact and in place during strong winds. The oak tree's long and thick roots help keep it anchored in the ground and make the tree resilient against winds. I used this strategy to develope a root type system to keep the load bearing walls from falling down. When the storm finally passes and most people's houses are completely destroyed, your investment of the restraining cable kept the load bearing walls up so you can rebuild your house cheaply and quickly.

Comparison between Organism and Design